The Changing Face Of Marketing

The Changing Face Of Marketing

To Be Honest Were All Tired Of Marketing

Death By Repetition

Lets admit it, we’re tired of being bombarded with marketing and advertising. We are tired of seeing the same dumb commercials over and over again.Too Much Advertising Causes Marketing Overload

Consumers are sick and tired of things being shoved in their face

Endless Junkmail

We’re risking ripping up important mail mixed in all the junk mail. We rip it up and throw it away and yet they send it again next week because some print marketing firm has convinced them it’s a good investment. And while they must get at least some new business or they would stop, in the process they have irritated countless thousands or even millions and sent tons of waste to the trash heaps and recycling factories.

The Holy Mute Button

I Demand Silence, Until The Show Comes Back On

TV Has A Mute Button For Stupid Repetitive CommercialsMy favorite button on the remote is the mute button. I can’t watch the news without being told how important it is that I should buy this silly pillow or invest in gold and silver for the thousandth time. Trust me, if it was a good deal, they would hold onto it and not sell it. Common sense. I’m not a veteran, but still I have to watch for the gazillionth time the details how how veterans can refinance their home. “Do You Have Moderate To Severe…”MUTE. Ugh! Please make it stop.

Here, Take It! Read, Watch, Listen…

Digital Pressure Sales

Consumers are sick and tired of things being shoved in their face, being told about the best deal for things they do not need or want. Did I mention that telemarketing it still wasting countless hours every year? And where are our congressional leaders when we need a common sense law to stop them? Wouldn’t that would also stop endless phone scams from thriving.

We want a product or service when we want a product or service and more often than ever we are going on the web to find it.

Consumers Reject Pressure And Search Online InsteadNo I Don't Want To Buy - Stop Asking, Mailing, and Calling

When consumers need a product or service, you can bet that they will go online to look for it. Even with a “word or mouth” referral, often consumers will check out the website and the online reviews first before making contact. Those that have good visibility online will make the sale. It’s all about being visible to the people that are looking for what you provide, not pushing your way into peoples lives that could care less.

Phone Books Are Dead And Their Website Departments Are Their Zombies

Save Some Money & Some Trees Too

Of course there’s the phone books. Nobody uses phone books anymore. The best place for them is the trash, unless you happen to have your own fireplace. Did I mention the phone book companies seek to work for your competitors as well? That’s not fair.Trash The Phone Books. You Need A Website!

A Changing World

The demographic of the world is aging and changing. The percentage of folks that use phone books grows smaller and smaller every year. Many are passing on to a better place (without phone books and telemarketing) and the aging often turn over the responsibility of finding what they need to family members who will search online. Yet phone book companies are still charging thousands of dollars a year for a quarter or half page ad.

Trash The Phone Books. You Need A Website!

Ahhh, Phone Book Zombies – GET AWAY!

To stay in business phone book companies have moved into the website industry and they have some of the worst websites on the web. I know as I have replaced some of them and believe me I have some horror stories for you. They have also flooded the web with obsolete directories several pages back in the search results.Should I Advertise In The Phone Books? No! Thumbs Down.

Taking Advantage Of Small Business Owners

Nobody ever uses or sees most of those online phone book directories, yet they still want to charge you to have top position on their site that nobody sees.

How do they get away with it? Because they know that most business owners are good at what they do, but know very little about the web.

Its A New World Of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and Smart TVs

Marketing is changing, as the way people shop is changing. So the way you promote your business needs to change as well.

Is Your Website Good Enough?Shopping For Local Services On Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and Smart TVs

It is a changing world with new technologies and new ways of doing things. Perhaps you had a family member build a website in their spare time and that website has not ranked well in online search or given you the growth in sales. Maybe you’ve been tricked by a phone book company to build you a great site that turned out “not so great”. Or maybe you even fell for that automated call scam about your Google listing? The one where they say that your Google Local Places is in danger of being taken down. They pretend to be Google, but later you find out they are not. It’s not Google.

The New Way Of Buying & Selling

People mute the TV commercials, throw away the junk mail, and hang up on telemarketers. Phone books get left on the driveway, get rained on, and get thrown away. Some are put in a drawer somewhere and forgot about for years, then get thrown away.
We want a product or service when we want a product or service and more often than ever people are going on the web to find it. Whatever company website has the right look, the right information, and has good ranking in the search results is going to get that business.

More About Dreaded Directory Sites

The internet is being flooded with directories. By directories I mean online phone book directories, membership directories, and reviews sites. There’s a few problems with doing business with them. For one, nobody even uses most of them, but the business owner doesn’t know that, and they would be happy to convince you to upgrade your free listing and have you pay a ridiculous amount of money to be featured on their site, that no one will ever see.

On Your Team And Your Competitors Too?

Time To The Opposite Direction And Get Your Business On The WebThere are a few sites that actually do generate some business from time to time, but the problem is that they are not loyal to your company. You pay, and they still send that lead to your competitors. Not a fair deal if you ask me. They’ll work for every competitor they can get paying them. Before you know it you are right back down the list on their site, of course you can pay to be moved up, and so can your competitors and you are right back where you started again, just paying more. Imagine that.

Hey, I’m on your side (and his side too)

Bypass The Nonsense

In most circumstances my websites outrank the directories. Why should you pay them to have you listed on their website when you can be listed on Google itself with a better ranking? On the first page of search results you’ll see at the top 3-4 PPC Adwords ads, followed by the Local Three Pack with the map, followed by organic search results. You’ll generally see about half of the search result is local business website and half are directories like the BBB or some membership or phone book site.

The face of marketing is changing. Get online visibility.

The Important Question

Now that we have established that consumers no longer shop the way they used to. You need to decide if you are going to keep letting your competitors get all the online opportunities all to themselves.

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