Overview Of Services

How The Process Works

Here is an Overview of Services to help you become acquainted with Bee Seen On The Web Services.

Contact Me

How It All Starts

When you contact me I’ll take a few minutes to answer questions you have that are not addressed here on the website and we’ll get to know each other a bit and hopefully begin a relationship of trust and enthusiasm. After that we’ll The First And Most Important Step Is To Contact me. Call (941) 237-7718 Today!set an appointment for our first meeting. During our conversation I’ll collect some information on your business so I can do some research and generate a few reports for our first meeting.

Call, Contact Form, Or Email Me

Call Bee Seen On The Web Services at (941) 237-7718 or use my convenient contact form found on most pages of this site. Now is a great time to invest in the growth and success of your business.

Lets Have A Meeting, Or Two, Or Three

You Getting To Know My Business

I’ll come to you, and I’ll even travel across the state. Meeting in person is important. When we meet I’ll answer any additional questions about how my service works and I’ll gather the additional information I need on your business including logos (if After Talking By Phone We Should Set Up Our First In Person Meetingyou have any, if not I’ll make them) and get photos, sales sheets, product pages, etc…

Me Getting To Know Your Business

I’ll have a lot of questions as I familiarize myself with your business. My goal is to be part of your winning team and not a distant service with no clue of how your business operates. I’d love to meet your staff and even travel around with you to get the full picture of what makes your business unique and successful. This will give me what I need to make it even more successful.

I’ll Get To Work For Your Success

Site Building And Launching

After coming to an agreement you’ll issue the first monthly check for my services and I’ll get started on your website. I'll Get Started On Your Successful Web Design Right AwayWithin a month and possibly in as little as a week I’ll have your website up and running. But that is just the beginning.

Continued Improvements & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For the next several months I’ll continue to make improvements and add relevant content. Outside of the website I’ll be taking steps to get your website moving up the search results rankings including making sure your data is correct across the web, helping you get customer reviews in the right places, setting up various free listings and social media accounts, and connecting all the dots to build a strong SEO web for your business. Doing these things the wrong way can be detrimental. 

Every Business Has Unique Challenges

Sometimes there are issues that provide temporary roadblocks that we will have to work on together. Temporary SEO roadblocks can be caused by the business moving several times since start up and/or mistakes made by the previous website businesses or the do-it-yourself owner that I’ll have to clean up.

Stunning, User Friendly, and a Sales Tool

Unique & Accurate Business Representation On The Web

Get A Stunning Website You Can Use As A Sales ToolDesign strategy will be used to attract customers to stay and read and ultimately make contact. It is also important to match your business style and content to accurately represent the offerings your company. Colors, logos, and photos to paint a clear picture. By photos I mean of actual staff, customers and your location. It’s important to add images and content that really represent your business, rather than use images bought online or copied content. Shortcuts can gets businesses and their website designers nowhere fast and give sites an inauthentic look and feel.

Its All About Productivity

I’ll use my insight and experience to build a site that ranks well in search results, is user friendly, pleasing to the eye, easy to remember for returning consumers, and has the right components to provoke calls, contact forms, inquiries, and increased sales. Your website can even be used as a sales tool helping to explain your services in a meeting with a potential client/customer.

The Google Adwords PPC Option

Some Free Credits To Try It Out

If we agree it is in your best interest to test the waters with a Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign I’ll set it up and get it going. Often when I set up a new account I can get some free ad credits for you. If there is a good return on investment then it will be advised to continue.

Clicks Budget & Billing

PPC marketing is part of my all inclusive package. Reach More Of The Right People With A Targeted Google Adwords PPC CampaignThere is no additional fee to me, however, you will be billed from Google for clicks to your site as part of that marketing campaign. Budget limits are set and strategies employed to avoid wasteful spending and maximize your return on investment.

Should I Or Not?

There are specific circumstances when Adwords PPC makes sense. On the other hand Adwords is not appropriate for all businesses. I’ll help you determine where you fit in that statement.

Continued Improvements, Maintenance, and Protection

Keeping Things Running Smooth

Every month I’ll be maintaining the website. I’ll be upgrading the software as it becomes available to avoid site malfunctions. We’ve all gone to those sites where the page won’t load, videos won’t play, things are out of place, or we get error messages.

Added Security

I’ll also be using the best security software to prevent hacking. Hacking and attacks on websites of all kinds is a major problem right now. You'll Get Improved Security And Protection Against Hacking With WordfenceBig businesses, government agencies, etc.. they are all under attack. What is surprising to many of my clients is that there are hacking attempts on their smaller websites on a daily basis as well.

Adding Fresh Content

It is also important to add blog content from time to time so that the site is useful to the online community. This improves the value of the site in the eyes of Google, and therefore positively effects SEO or page rankings. Consumers have questions and we can address those questions about a product/service/problem, while reaching a larger audience and establishing your business as the expert in the industry.

Design Changes

I’ll make minor design changes as necessary, but not a full or major redesign. Basic changes can be expected within 48 hours or sometimes even on the same day. More complicated and time consuming changes or issues may take additional time.

Reviews Make You Shine Online

Lets Get Real Reviews, I’ll Help

Today everyone looks at the reviews. By far the most important place to get reviews is on Google itself. Trying to trick the system is not advised as it can get your business blacklisted. It is important to get reviews from real customers and have a system in place to make it easy for them. Getting Reviews Is Important To Your Online Ranking And VisiblityWe don’t want to be a burden to them. Whether it is my special reviews tab on your website linking to the places that matter most for them to post reviews or my availability to speak directly to you customers/clients to provide technical assistance, I’m here to help.

What To Do About Bad Reviews?

We will continue to work together to promote online reviews in the coming months and years. Every company that’s been business for a few years has the potential to get some negative reviews, whether caused by a company mistake, a rogue employee, or posted by a deranged customer with unrealistic expectations. While bad reviews cannot be removed, you can drown them out with good reviews. And with so many good reviews someone will think twice about even posting a bad review. Reviews also influence your SEO or rankings on the web.

My Loyalty Can Be Bought – It’s Yours

Your Website Firm Shouldn’t Be Helping The Guy Across The Street Too!

You Have My Loyalty We Will Not Work For Your Local Competitor.!Lets Shake On It.It stinks when your website firm is also providing services to your competitors. This is common. They go where ever the next dollar to be made comes from. Not happening here. You have my complete loyalty for as long as we do business together.

The Loyalty Lock

Initially we will determine your service area and make a decision together as to who is and is not a direct competitor. We’ll agree on a a Loyalty Lock. So I will not work for two pest control services in the same city or even county (sorry Lee County FL), but that does not prevent me from working with another service in another area or a non-competing service it that same area. If for some reason you were to discontinue my services then I would be free to work for the highest bidding competitor.

Contact Me First, If Your Competitor Retains My Services First I Won’t Be Able To Help You

A professional cannot be the coach of two competing teams and when everyone is priority then no one is priority. At Bee Seen On The Web Services you are my priority, provided you retain my services first.

Monthly Payments and No Major Initial Investment

Not Your Usual Way

Web designers charge thousands for a decent site. Every site is different as is every web designers skills and pricing. But what usually happens is they get paid, hand the site over, and within a few months things start to not work, or a hacking happens. This is because websites are a constantly evolving technology that must be monitored and upgraded regularly. So you pay thousands upfront and during the process, and then you get a website that does not show in the search results and later it starts little malfunctions at minimum.

A Better Way To Do Business

My services are pre-paid monthly for as long as we do business. While you will not have the thousands of dollars in upfront cost, you will have a monthly bill for years to come. The idea is that if you are happy with my services and making money that you will see no need to discontinue. It is an investment on my part as well. No Major Upfront Investment With Easy Monthly PaymentsThat is why I will only take on a new client that I know I can make successful on the web. You are in business to make money and so am I. You won’t just get a website I might add. I handle just about everything else as well.

What Are The Monthly Rates?

My monthly rates depend on all that I determine will be involved and is individually assessed per client. It must be said that some businesses are not a good fit for my services. My services are not cheap. I have a client whose sales went up by $1 million annually within 2 years of retaining my company. I believe my services hold extreme value even at a fraction of that success.

Educating and Protecting My Clients

I’ll Teach If You Want To Know

Learn To Avoid Scams - This Concludes Our Overview Of ServicesEducation is part of my service and I will do my best to help you get a better understanding of the web as it relates to your business. You are the expert in your field and I know there is much you likely do not understand about the web. No worries. I’m here to answer your questions so you can clearly see and understand the path we are taking and why. Some clients could care less about anything internet and just trust my insight and say “go handle my online stuff, I’m busy with business”, and that is fine too.

Avoiding Scams

Scams are everywhere and I seek to help my clients avoid falling for any tricks. You get attempts to scam you by phone, email, website contact forms, and regular mail. I will educate you on what to avoid and if there is ever a question just call me. Remember I am on your team. You won’t get an uninformed customer service team or the sales department, you’ll get me.

Doing Things The Right Way

Integrity – If It Ain’t Gonna Work, I Won’t Take Your Money

Services will be provided to any local business where the success is thought to be duplicatable. For some businesses that may not be possible, or it may not be a realistic endeavor for a business without the growth potential or money to invest.

Thanks for reading my “Overview Of Services”. I hope I have been able to provide you some useful information so that you are able to make an informed decision regarding what step to take next regarding your your website and your business on the web.

Call me with any questions, or view my Q & A for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Bee Seen On The Web Services

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