Local SEO Explained

Local Search Results and How To Get There

What Is On The Rest Of Those Pages After Page One? Who Knows

Lets face it. The world is full of endless websites. Take a minute to do a search for a local service. There is literally page after page of results. But nobody usually ever sees those sites beyond the first or second page. Think about it. When you select a product or service it is almost always from the first page of search results.

The Local Three Pack

The Most Profitable Place On The Web For A Local Service

To Get Success It Is Imperative To Get In The Google Local Three Pack

Clouded For Privacy – Actual Three Pack Maps Image

For the local business wanting to get more customers and sales the best place is on the three pack. Anywhere on the three pack will see a majority of online generated business.

The three pack is that area near the top of the page where Google shows the most relevant local business results based on your search keywords, the location you typed, and your actual location based on IP address or actual GPS data, along with a map and business location markers.

What’s On The Three Pack?

You’ll see a map of the area, 3 business options, contact info, data on reviews and possibly a star rating, along with links to the websites and/or other links.

The link “more places” will take you to another map with many other options, but that is not where you want to be listed. Again, the majority of local business growth from online searches occurs from decisions consumers make from viewing business options from the three pack.

Is It Hard To Get Shown There?

In most cases yes. For those in the know that area is the most coveted spot on the web. To get listed in the local search (in the “more places” section) is not all that hard, but to reach a place where it influences growth of your business is not an easy endeavor. To dominate the industry (at least locally) you need to aim for the Three Pack on the map.

Getting On The Three Pack

Having your business show in the three pack usually requires the help of a local SEO professional unless you have no competitors. If you live in a town of 1000 residents and you are the only music teacher on the web in town, well of course its not that hard. But when you have dozens or even hundreds of competitors that is a different story. Again, you need a Local SEO Professional.

So How Do You Get To The Top Three?

Endless Factors To Check & Optimize

It has been said that there may be as many as 200 separate ranking factors that can be influenced, with only a fraction of those being on the website itself. It's Not A Six Pack You Need - Business Happens On The "Three Pack" | Local SEOLocal SEO involves having correct data about your business across the web, being listed in the right places, having reviews and having them in the right places, linking social media accounts with your website and business, and a lot more I will not seek to explain here.

What Are A Few Of Those 200 Ranking Factors?

I’ll give you 3 here:

  1. How fast your website loads vs other sites.
  2. Whether or not the business owner responds to reviews on Google+ (having reviews, how many, star rating, etc.. – all factors)
  3. Having a wrong zip code on your Yelp and Facebook listings drops your rank.

The purpose of this article is not to teach do-it-yourself techniques. Rather, I am asking for your business.

Remember those dozens of other sites that no one else sees a few pages back? They took a short cut (or got scammed by some out of state company), and did not employ a professional like myself.

Is your website a few pages back in Googleblivion?

What About The Other Two?

That is where your website design matters most. Believe it or not. There are some hideous websites that show up in the three pack. While they are ignoring a fresh update of their site, your website could be overtaking them. Take advantage of their idleness and contentment.

The Other Two Don’t Matter If

A good website will be pleasing to the eye and provide information that answers the consumers questions. Contact forms and big phone numbers in multiple locations makes it easy for them to make contact at any hour. Uniqueness will bring those that leave to look at other options back for a second look. Many consumers will look at 3 or 4 sites before making a decision on one and come back to it. Others reach out on the first one if they like it and find it easy to make contact.

In conclusion, the best website in the three pack will see a larger portion of consumers making contact.

You should now have a better understanding of Local SEO (search engine optimization for local businesses). It is time to find out how and why a business would use PPC (pay per click) Adwords Marketing Strategies.

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