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This page will be an ongoing work in progress as I discover what concerns and questions business owners have about Bee Seen On The Web Services.

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Q. I don’t have a website. If I have you handle all my online stuff, how long will it be before my business is ranking well and I’m seeing new business?

A. Buying a domain name takes only a couple minutes. Building the website may take on average 2-3 weeks. But to get your website ranking on the first page and even at the top requires more time. And that is especially true for a business with no online history. Every Answer Results In More QuestionsThe systems of other businesses like online directories and Google and their time frames plays a major role in this delay. Expect that it may take 3 to 4 months and could take as long as 6 months if another previous web business created a mess that needs to be fixed. For a business with an existing website and online identity it will happen sooner. Two to three months is realistic, however, I have seen a clients place on the first page go from the last position to the first position within a day of the new website launch, although this is not that common.

Keep in mind that we can run an Adwords marketing campaign while your business is moving up the ranks. In one particular instance we set up Adwords for 4 months, but could have discontinued after 3 months as his business was showing nicely online at that point.

Q. I want to sell designer shoes online through a website. I’m trying to reach the entire United States. I don’t have a store front or location I sell from. I want it to be all online. Can your services help me accomplish my goals?

A. Unfortunately, no. Bee Seen On The Web Services works with businesses in local communities with a storefront, physical location, or even a home office… that serves a local city, county, or tri-county area. We Do Not Do National Websites | We Specialize In Local SearchThe goal here at BSOTWS is to duplicate the success experienced with other local businesses. While I could take on such a project, I would feel uncertainty of its success and would therefore be uncomfortable taking your money or putting in the effort on a project that I am not for certain would be a continuing source of income to cover my work.

Companies that are a good fit for my services include pest control services, air conditioning/heating contractors (HVAC), home remodeling or lawn care services, boat & jet-ski rental service, etc… There are other firms that handle national campaigns and all sorts of other stuff. I choose to specialize in LOCAL.

Q. What does a Bee Seen On The Web Services client look like?

A. My client will likely operate a family owned business and has likely been in business several years, has a reputable business, perhaps a couple employees or even a dozen, and gets lots of business from word of mouth referrals. Examples Of The Types Of Local Businesses We Provide Services ToThis person likely already has a website that they don’t like and is not bringing in any business. The website does not look like or reflect the style of the business or correct information and ranks poorly. They are tired of complaining and waiting. They see three or four other companies getting the majority of online generated business and are considering switching to another website provider. They get offers by phone, email, etc.. but their gut feeling says not to trust any of them (and they would be right). They may even already be the victim of some deceptive company that scared them with some automated call.

My clients need a single person they can meet, look in the eye, shake hands with, and can develop a trusting relationship with. They want someone to take an interest in their business like they are part of their management team. The business owner that contacts me does not want to talk to sales staff and then sales managers in some distant state or country. Some have been down that path already.

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