Adwords PPC Marketing Explained

PPC Pay Per Click Marketing

Marketing Strategies

Clickity click click. Why would a small business use Adwords PPC?

  1. To reach a specific audience with a product or service that is more likely to buy.
  2. To reach outside your city business location where your SEO is most powerful to neighboring areas where you have less visibility.
  3. To promote your most profitable offering.

Add Adwords PPC To Your Local SEO For Best Results

Google tends to rank local businesses higher than businesses from a neighboring city or county. In other words, with SEO, you can be at the top in the city you are located in, but maybe you won’t rank as well in a nearby city. Businesses in that city are more relevant in the eyes of Google. The further away the online search, the less relevant your business becomes. But there is a easy fix.

Reach More Customers and Farther Away

Adwords VS Adwords Express

Adwords Pay Per Click Ads Top Of page

Google Adwords PPC (not to be confused with the similar Adwords Express) is a Pay Per Click PPC Marketing platform that can help you reach more potential business and from further away. Adwords Express attempts to automate the process saving you time and makes choices for you. Unfortunately, it makes the wrong choices, targets the wrong consumers with the ones you selected, and takes away your ability to customize bids. It is a waste of time and money. 

Paid Ads Are Seen In The Top Three Or Four Positions In A Search

Want to see a Adwords ad? Do a search for “pest control your city” and the top 3 or 4 listings on the page are Adwords ads, and perhaps some down the side of the page too. Look for the little green “AD” icon.

What Does It Cost?

That depends on too many factors to answer here. The real question needs to be “What Is My Return On Investment or ROI”? As part of my recurring monthly service fee I’ll set up your PPC campaign if wanted or needed. There is no additional bill from me. However, it is important to note that Google will bill separately for any clicks on the ads.

When Is Adwords PPC Appropriate?

Determining If Adwords Is Right For Your Goals

Adwords PPC Graphs And Charts

Google Adwords Dashboard

Beyond reaching out further than home Adwords is great for targeting a specific product or service that your data says is your most profitable offering. A pest control service might offer dozens of services. They might collect dead rats from attics, but determine they don’t like to do that and don’t make a good profit for the time. ¬†Instead that service is provided more as a public service with the attitude that somebody has to do it.

Promote That Which Is Most Profitable To Your Business

After research it may be decided that the most potential for profit is in bee hive removal and palm tree treatments. So Adwords is used to reach a larger audience to promote their excellent success treating palm tree fungus and their same day bee hive express service, while skipping extra marketing of the “dead skunk pickup service”. Get it? It is about putting your investment into what has the greatest potential to make you money.

Time Consuming And Risky, Unless

Have A Professional Manage Your Paid Ads And Act As Your Adviser

Beware that businesses have tried to do Adwords or Adwords Express without the help of a professional and have lost thousands of dollars. Reach More Of The Right Potential CustomersIt is not impossible for the local business owner to learn how to effectively operate these marketing platforms, however, it is likely a business would be more successful spending time operating the business and providing services/products to customers and clients.

Testing The Waters With Minimal Investment

Trust Bee Seen On The Web Services to carefully test the market and see if there is the potential for a good return on investment. If so we can continue marketing with a pre-determined monthly Adwords PPC budget. Adwords is not appropriate for all types of businesses or in all areas. Testing the waters with minimal investment is the smart way to go. Google even makes this possible with free marketing credits for new accounts.

So now you have a basic understanding of Adwords PPC Marketing. It’s much better than junk mail campaigns, telemarketing, or expensive phone book ads. Why? Because Marketing Is Changing with the needs and purchasing methods of consumers.

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